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Litchfield Hills Electrology (L.H.E.) is owned and operated by Darlene Burnett, a licensed Electrologist and Esthetician in the State of Connecticut. “My mission with L.H.E. is to use my knowledge to provide a safe, quality treatment on each client and to meet their unique, individual needs.

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Your only solution for permanent and effective hair removal.

Minimum Session $25
  • 10 Minutes $25

  • 15 Minutes $35

  • 30 Minutes $50

  • 45 Minutes $65

  • 60 Minutes $80

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FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. Safe and effective on all skin types and tones. As the hair is treated, regrowth is prevented rather than just removed temporarily. Only electrolysis provides both hair removal and hair elimination.

Men and woman share a common desire to look and feel their best. If the daily war against unwanted hair is keeping you from that goal, electrolysis is the answer. With over 135 years of clinically proven safety and effectiveness electrolysis eliminates all unwanted hair permanently with great results for all ages and skin tones.

Waxing Service



The choice to use when you want to remove large amounts of hair quickly!

Not ready for the commitment of regular Electrolysis treatments? Choose waxing. It is a satisfactory way to remove unwanted hair temporarily. This method of hair removal effectively removes large amounts of hair speedily at one visit. If you stick with a regular waxing schedule hair will be not be visible for weeks at a time.

Berodin Wax

We use Berodin Wax —the best wax in the industry. Their hard and soft waxes are gentle on the skin and strong at hair removal. These low temperature waxes stay flexible, giving you a superior experience.


Facials / Skincare


Customized facials that will cleanse, refine, hydrate and nourish your skin.

For all skin types and conditions. Our facials were created to target whatever your skin needs ~ whether it's anti-aging, acne, repairing dry skin, calming oily skin, sensitive or reactive skin. We are here to help! We will start with a consultation. Your skin will be analyzed and during your facial you will receive a deep pore cleanse, followed by a delightful exfoliation, hydrating massage and final mask. You will be educated on your skin type and a at home skin care routine will be recommended to achieve your skin care goals.

Customized facials that will cleanse, refine, hydrate and nourish your skin. Let us use nature to nurture your unique skin care needs. Products used are Free of phthalates / sulfates / parabens mineral oil / synthetic dyes or fragrances. No animal testing. 100% Vegan.

LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy

Light Therapy / Topical Light Infusion

Naturally boosting collagen and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

LED LIGHTWAVE™   Anti-Aging Therapy Treatment

A safe, natural, pain-free and FDA approved approach to naturally boosting collagen and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles. LIGHTWAVE stimulates your body's natural repair process to lift, tone and restore your youthful appeareance and reverse signs of aging.

We offer 3 session to 12 session packages.

LW Light Therapy

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Powerful plant extracts, botanicals and minerals
—Rich in potent antioxidants and vitamins.

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What Clients Have Said



I am so glad I decided to give Electrology a try. I had been waxing once or twice a week for decades, and my skin was finally starting to suffer from the abuse.

Darlene was so positive, encouraging, and professional on my first visit, that I decided to make the commitment to weekly sessions. I started seeing results sooner than I thought possible!

My skin is so much healthier, and my confidence level has grown. I greatly appreciate Darlene's skillful technique, impeccable cleanliness, and very comfortable atmosphere that she creates.

It has been a wonderful experience

~ Jean


  Darlene is awesome...she takes the time to listen and to customize facials based on your skincare needs.

She customized mini facials with light therapy to really help me with my rosacea. The product line is really effective and well worth the price. I love LHE & Skincare and highly recommend Darlene.

~ F.Hahn


 No more waxing! No more plucking! I am so happy I found Darlene. I am not one to spend money on myself but electrolysis has been worth every penny.

I started out just wanting my upper lip done and was so happy with the results I asked Darlene to do my eyebrows too.

Darlene is always professional and I can tell she loves what she does and really cares about her clients. Thanks Darlene for giving me a new found confidence!! I will miss you when my sessions are done!

~ LK


I have come to really appreciate what Electrolysis and Darlene have done for me personally. At first I did have my apprehensions about Electrology, now really knowing the process behind its' success. But Darlene was so good for me since she started me out at my pace with my comfort in mind.

It's so important if you're in the position of being the client, to work with someone who genuinely enjoys their line of work. I've seen Darlene with that enjoyment, as well as experiencing my own satisfaction of seeing the positive results of her work.

Not only can I sense Darlene's enjoyment, but I have great confidence in her skill and ability with Electrology. She would adapt our sessions and methods to what she knew would work best. I've appreciated the research she would make just regarding me.

It still amazes me to see my success with Electrology and with having no side effects! I am so appreciative to Darlene for her extremely competitive prices and affordable sessions even with a declining economic state.

Electrology and Darlene have contributed greatly to giving me a confidence about myself. I absolutely love waking up every day and not seeing any unwanted hair!

~ CK


I have very thick, dark hair and unfortunately began developing a facial hair problem in my teens. It just got worse and worse. By age 29 I couldn't leave the house without sitting in front of a magnifying mirror and plucking for at least 20 minutes. It was depressing and I often didn't even want to go out because of this.

I tried laser treatments but I fount them incredibly painful. You have to shave during laser treatments and since the hairs were never pulled out I had a constant 5'O'Clock shadow.

Things began to improve after I found Darlene. Electrolysis is different than laser treatments, you do have to shave, the hairs are epilated during treatment so so the shadow effect is minimal. After 1-2 months I lost the 5'O'Clock shadow entirely. The discomfort of treatment is manageable and well worth the results. I can go weeks without shaving or plucking that area and it feels smooth. It's like a miracle to be able to wake up and walk outside without feeling ashamed. As we finish up the process, the hairs that are left are very fine and light.

I should add that Darlene is very easy to work with. She is professional, kind and an an expert electrologist. It also seems worth mentioning that I have no scarring at all from this treatment, just smooth, clear skin. I will continue to see he for hair removal in other areas. My only regret is that I didn't find her a long, long, very long time ago.

~ Amy


I have been battling with facial hair for many years. Every night sitting in front of a mirror plucking out the unwanted hairs was beginning to wear on my self esteem and confidence.

Then, is was referred to Darlene and Litchfield Hills Electrology. I was hesitant at first. I just figured that I had been battling facial hair for so long that nothing was going to work for me. I was wrong!

Upon meeting with Darlene for a free consultation, she explained the whole process to me. My options and what she was looking at in the future for my permanent hair removal and questioned what I was expecting from electrology. Darlene was wonderful. She was willing to answer all my questions and was very honest with me. I was immediately comfortable with Darlene. Her personality and poise, her honest and knowledge was so refreshing. Litchfield Hills Electrology is also very reasonable and affordable priced.

Darlene started out at my comfort level. She was always concerned about how I was feeling . But not just that, she was diligent about sterilization, cleanliness, and skin health. Before I know it, I started noticing that the facial hairs that were treated were becoming finer and taking much longer to grow back. I have since noticed significant permanent hair removal to mine and Darlene's utter enjoyment!

I have to say that Darlene is not just my electrologist, but also become a friend. I have personally recommended clients to her and have to say, I would not have the confidence or feeling of self worth I have today if it was not for Darlene and Litchfield Hills Electrology. I even let my husband touch my face, something I always shied away from due to my embarrassing facial hair.

And I have not plucked or waxed in almost two years. Now that is saying something! I can't thank you enough Darlene and Litchfield Hills Electrology!

~ Debbie


Darlene is truly a professional. Darlene was so positive, encouraging, and professional on my first visit, that I decided to make the commitment to weekly sessions.

I started seeing results sooner than I thought possible!

~ Robbie


  Darlene is fabulous! She is friendly, professional, affordable and very passionate about what she does. It is obvious she cares a great deal about her clients.

On my first session, Darlene explained the process of Electrolysis to me, outlined what would work best on my skin and set realistic expectations on what I should expect and how long the process might take.

Darlene makes electrolysis an enjoyable experience - I feel so much better about my appearance today, Electrolysis with Darlene is a personal investment well spent!!

~ Lora

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